catalog#: unfound72
date: december 11 2012
artist: syntagma
title: syntagma
artwork: unfound72.jpg
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tracklisting (click on mp3 or flac to download individual tracks):

mp3     flac     01. introduction note
mp3     flac     02. plants
mp3     flac     03. revolution
mp3     flac     04. wisdom words
mp3     flac     05. magic
mp3     flac     06. plants (doubtingthomas remix)

hailing from lisbon, portugal, syntagma developed some thoughts regarding society, politics, globalization and the impact of economics in the human experience. they gathered some spoken word by several intellectuals such as john cage, alan moore, terence mckenna and eduardo galeano. even though this ep rides along something like mindful soundscapes, deep minimal techno and trippy deep house, syntagma hopes that the listener will think about subjects that are not a common focus of modern dance music -- hence offering a deeper side to the genre. you also get a mesmerizing remix courtesy of doubtingthomas, who hails from london, uk, but was born in france. so go on, let it all sink in, and flow with the groove.

mastered by beat laden
artwork by silvio rosado