catalog#: unfound61
date: november 15 2011
artist: sven laux
title: unfound sketches
artwork: unfound61.jpg
full release: mp3 format (87 MB)
full release: lossless flac format (182 MB)
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tracklisting (click on mp3 or flac to download individual tracks):

mp3     flac     01. in
mp3     flac     02. first sketch
mp3     flac     03. second sketch
mp3     flac     04. third sketch
mp3     flac     05. fourth sketch
mp3     flac     06. out

germany's sven laux delivers unfound sketches -- six ultra-deep, mellow tracks that range from soothing ambient to slow and tranquil minimal techno. placid, droning melodies intertwine with meticulously cut-up field recordings and soft, clicky beats. simply kick back and let yourself go.

artwork by doreen schroeder